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The original Luggage Glove has always had 3 primary objectives: security, protection and identification. Naturally the concept had to accommodate as many different shapes and sizes of bags possible without interfering with the suitcase’s function. The common features of trolley and spinner luggage are the placement and position of carry handles, retractable handles and the wheels. Our sizing system accommodates the different types of trolleys and spinners based on the predominant sizes and ratios used around the world.

As the product’s popularity grew so we improved the original design – easier access points, lock covers, packaging, improved stronger stitching and reinforcement – all to improve the travel experience. Having made excellent developments with luggage security and identification with the original design, we decided to improve the protective aspect of the Luggage Glove. After much trawling around textile factories, we found a fantastic “3D mesh” fabric that offers a lot of strength whilst remaining elastic, ends up being lighter than the original and most importantly, offers a cushioning effect – it really has to be felt to be believed.

Luggage Glove has been patented around these ideals both locally and internationally.

The result is the only protector capable of servicing the largest variety of trolley and spinner luggage available today.

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