Corporate Sales & Advertising

It is our firm belief that Luggage Glove holds fantastic potential from a marketing and advertising point of view. Airport advertising can be very expensive – Luggage Glove offers premium conveyor and check-in advertising at a fraction of the price – both domestically and internationally.

Just imagine your brand carried by loyal customers around the world, over and over with a 100% attention span on carousels as travellers wait for their luggage!

Corporate gifts are also appealing. A group travelling together is instantly recognisable and brand association with a product that offers a use is a powerful force.

Get in touch with us here – we are eager to help and assist with some of your ideas or plans.

Agency Opportunities

We are continually looking to expand our business and are always happy to entertain agency opportunities around the world. Our agency models are adaptable to different countries, importing and local legislature conditions. Become part of a truly international business community.